IA - Chain of Command (2)
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First appearance: Fantasy Flight Games Imperial Assault Miniatures Game
Species/Type: IA - The Campaign
Relations: Coruscant


Desperate after the loss of the engineering facility, High Command wishes to recover ground. The elite operatives have been sent directly to Coruscant with a task to find final detailed schematics of the weapon and bring them back at all costs. It took days of infiltration before they had got to Coruscant and found Weiss's facility. They managed to get inside, placing explosives to cover their emergency exit if the need arise. They was sneaking through the dark corridors of the base, when the message blared throught the base "General Weiss has arrived". It was fantastic opportunity for the Rebel not only to find the schematics, but to capture Weiss himself to be interrogated. As soon as Rebels entered huge hangar bay, they saw Weiss who was being escorted by scores of stormtroopers. Rebels attacked - taken by surprise it took stormtroopers a few moments before they started to return fire. Weiss dove under cover and was cautiosly crawling towards the elevator platform. The elevator arrived, bringing up a walker in a crouched position, covered in advanced weaponry. It took Rebels a moment to understand that the elevator was remotely called by Weiss and they see his personal advanced AT-ST. Not wasting a second Weiss jumped out of his cover and run towards the elevator. Rebels hesitated - if they strike Weiss down, they will lose a chance to interrogate him - and it was to long distance for stun blasts to be effective. These moments of hesitation and covering fire from his troops were all Weiss needed. He reached AT-ST, palmed the entrance hatch and slipped inside. "Yes. This is much better" - his augmented voice echoed in the wide hangar as the walker powered up and turned towards the operatives - "Now, where were we?" But Weiss underestimated the operatives. They were well prepared to fight him even after he mounted his AT-ST. It took awile, but finally AT-ST was down after another heavy laser blast hit it square into the cabin. As soon as Weiss shakily emerged from smoking remains of AT-ST, he was captured and chained by Rebels. All other troopers were already defeated, the Rebels locked down the facility and started their search for Weiss's computer. They found it near the hangar, but instead of schematics they found a series of battle plans, contingencies and positioning of a substantial Imperial fleet. Now it became clear that there is no secret weapon, and never was. "It was almost easy to fool you" - Weiss remained calm as operatives led him toward escape tunnel - "You're always so desperate to make a last stand. It is easy to encourage." An explosion blasted through one of the sealed doors as soon as he finished speaking. Seizing the opportunity, he pulled free of the operative;s grasp, diving to the ground as a hail of blaster fire poured through the opening. "I'm fine, go after them!" - he shouted, shaking of the assistance of the Imperials soldiers. Knowing that the Weiss was now out of their grasp, the operatives triggered the explosive charges they planted erlier and started down the escape route. Now it was crucial to inform High Command about the trap Weiss set up for the Rebel fleet.

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Weiss, Vitsun

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