Defense of Haven (3)
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First appearance: FFG Imperial Assault - Return to Hoth
Happened during: IA - Return to Hoth Campaign
Relations: Ison
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Several weeks passed since the battle of Hoth. The Rebels who were not able to reach jump point to designated rendezvous area during the evacuation from Hoth, were forced to make a jump to nearby Ison system instead. There on the small planet of Ison they harbored in small mountain village called Haven led by human Zotho Benex, Rebel sympathizer. Both Rebels and Benex had no illusions - with the Empire turning over in search of Rebel refugees, it was only a matter of time they come to search the settlement. Using some of the resources brought by Rebels, they set up a network of sensors around the settlement and defensive weaponry at small outpost located at key entry point. Benex also contacted Rebels and asked them to send someone to help in Haven defense against imminent Imperial attack. The only team which was close enough to respond was the same team of operatives who helped Rebels to evacuate during the battle of Hoth.
The Imperials arrived to Ison several days after, following the recconaisance scan of system which revealed that a small uncharted settlement was located in the mountanious area. The company's commander, officer by the name of Jann, sent probe droids to scout the nearby area. The droids revealed that there were two roads led to the settlement - the main road through the small outpost and another, which was almost inaccessible for the heavy troops and armor, through narrow canyon. The terrain around the village was extremely uneven and prevented large Imperial transports from to be landed nearby. Jann decided to advance on foot, splitting his forces in two groups. The first group - consisting of a squad of snowtroopers, probe droid, scout trooper with E-Web and three officers - departed toward the outpost. The second, almost equal to the first one and led by Jann himself, moved off through the canyon. Jann and his squad arrived to the settlement. While there was no immidiate Rebel presense, he commanded his associate officer to establish control checkpoint, while he along with scouts and probe droid started the search of the dwellings. As soon as they entered first house, Jann saw some Rebel garb piled up in the corner. Then a male ran from adjacent room and opened fire at the Jann. "Hostiles are here, be on alert" Jann commed to his second in command and dove for cover. "Alert second squad at once".
The man who started the firefight was Benex, and seconds before Imperials arrived he received the call from the operatives, who informed him that they just landed at the outpost. "I need you to guard the control center, it controls automated defenses" he shouted to the comlink. "Activate jamming device and send someone to the settlement if you can, we are under attack!" The operatives activated jammers and sent half of the squad toward the main settlement, when automated turrets opened up - massive numbers of Imperial snowtroopers started the assault from outer perimeter. The operatives took defensive positions and started to return fire. "Sir, we are not able to contact second squad, something is jamming us, only short-range comms are going through" Jann received an update from his second officer "No Rebels here as of now." "Affirmative, we will deal with it later." Jann commed back and continued to pour blaster fire through the building's door. "Attack!" he shouted to his troops "We need to clean up here and then find out what took out second team for so long!"
The operatives arrived to the Imperial checkpoint, and as they were approaching, the officer in charge held up a hand "Hold there! This settlement is under Imperial investigation and is not available at this time for entry..." he trailed off, eyes widening as operatives drawn their weapons. "Rebels are here, defend!" he shouted and ran for cover. The operatives opened fire, the officer was the first one to die. Surprise on their side, it took them only a minute to defeat all the snowtroopers. They destroyed the barricade and ran toward the dwellings. Jann turned toward the blaster fire only to see that the Rebels were attacking from the front gates. He lobbed sonic grenade towards them and ducked for cover. He heard loud blast nearby and understood that his only probe droid was blown up. "Keep fi.." he started to shout, but then stray blaster bolt caught him to the torso and he fell to the ground. "Fall back!" the scouts shouted to each other after seeing their comrades and their commander fell.
At the same time operatives at the outpost held their ground. Via external monitors they saw the Imperials who entered the outpost and and were going toward the control center. Almost all turrets were already destroyed, some of the operatives were wounded. A crash resounded in the nearby corridor and a lumbering, fur-covered creature with vicious claws came into view. "Wampa!" one of the operatives cried in astonishment. "Run!" But he wasn't fast enough and the next second wampa sliced him to pieces with her huge sharp claws. "Fall back to the control center!" lead operative shouted and shot a couple of bolts toward wampa. "Now's our chance!" one of the Imperial officers shouted "We've beaten them down. Move! Move!" At that same time wampa turned toward the Imperials and charged at them. Snowtroopers frantically started to fire, but the wampa was fast and the blaster wounds only added up to the beast's fury. In a couple of minutes half of snowtroopers were dead, and the rest was running for their life. But as they was running out of the outpost, they have been met by a wall of blaster fire - Benex arrived, along with his comrades, Rebel soldiers and operatives. Minutes later the battle was finished. All the snowtroopers and wampa were dead, but several scout troopers were able to retreat.
Several hours later, the operatives, Benex, Rebel refugees and some of the townsfolk gathered in one of the buildings. "You and your people need to leave," Benex said "They'll come again, and we won't be able to fight them. Do you understand me? I'm happy to help you, but I have my own people to think about." The operatives spent a fair amount of time arguing with Benex. Eventually he relented and said that the operatives and refugees can stay, at least for now. They spent the next several hours discussing next steps.
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