IA - Drawn In (2)
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First appearance: Fantasy Flight Games Imperial Assault Miniatures Game
Species/Type: IA - The Campaign


Concurrent mission: Incoming
Rebel engineers was concluding their analysis of the schematics. The Command sent two teams of operatives to remote engineering outpost to ensure that analysis are completed and the results are delivered to the headquarters. Moments later after the first transport reverted back to realspace, all have been thrown to the floor. "Star Destroyer! They've got us in a tractor beam!" pilot shouted from the cockpit "The second transport is taking heavy fire, but was able to avoid initial tractor beam lock and descending!" As the operatives gathered in the cockpit, the pilot brought up a power flow schematic of the enemy ship. "Look! Here, here and here! Assuming you are not shot to bits the moment you hit the flight deck, destroying these stations should knock out tractor beam control for this section of the ship! Just be quick about it!" The team exited the ship and eliminated initial resistanse with assistance of transport's exterior turret. Then they climbed aboard a service elevator which started to rise slowly towards the main deck. "Freeze!" a trooper shouted as soon as elevator completed its ascend "Stand down and surrender your weapons!" The operatives opened up with their blasters, stormtroopers returned fire. The battle was raging, the operatives have been able to disable one of the control stations. As soon as they disabled second station, the door to a side corridor opened and Imperial guard strode out. This one was different from usual stock, he wore black with red trim and carried long staff with blades at each end. His appearance and demeanor singled him out as a powerful foe. The battle continued, the strange guardsman easily even the odds. And while initially Imperials were not expecting this much resistance from the operatives, now they started to adapt their strategy. Alarms was blaring throughout the ship. It became clear to the operatives that the time was running out and soon their mission will become impossible to complete. They made a hard decision - some of them should make a stand and fight off the Imperials, while the others should finish the deactivation of the tractor beam stations. The latter gave all surplus weapons and ammo to former and run out to find and disable last two stations.
They made their way to third station and then to the last one, the resistance was weak because of first team's efforts. As planned, they gave a signal to the defenders and run towards the elevator. When they reached the elevator, the second team was nowhere to be seen - and scores of Imperial troops was converging from all sides. There was no time to argue, the weapon charges were all but depleted, and if the team was to stay and fight, the possible outcomes were either death or capture. With a bitter feeling they activated the elevator and it started to descend back to hangar floor. When the elevator finally descended, they saw bodies of Imperial troops lying everywhere. Ship's external blaster was firing, aiming at several stormtroopers hiding in cover. "Finally!" your pilot shouted as you climbed abroad "I didn't think I could hold them off much longer". When the operatives briefly explained about the second team, the pilot's face became moody. "They made what they thought was a right thing to do" - he said grimly - "Let's make sure that their sacrifice wasn't for nothing". One by one surviving members noded their agreement, the pilot punch the controls and the ship blasted off. Weaving through turbolaser fire, the transport flew clear of the Star Destroyer, only taking a few hits before slipping into hyperspace.
On the control deck of the Star Destroyer, one by one the operatives from the second team was falling to the floor while fighting endless numbers of Imperial troops. The last they heard before finally being overrun was the voice over ship's intercom system "Enemy transport escaped and entered hyperspace. Recall all the fighters." When the escapees finally contacted the Command, they informed them that the Imperial presense in sector was heavy, while the pilot added that he made a quick scan of the surface just before they entered hyperspace - it seemed that nothing was left from the Rebel outpost.

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