IA - Fly Solo (2)
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First appearance: Fantasy Flight Games Imperial Assault Miniatures Game
Species/Type: IA - The Campaign
Relations: Nal Hutta


Previous events: Under Siege, A New Threat
Current event:
On behalf of the Rebels Han Solo was searching for the information about enigmatic weapon project under supervision of General Weiss. He was contacting Rebel command regularly, and when he failed to report in a few days while investigating some promising leads on Nal Hutta, Command sent the team of operatives to find out what caused the delay. The team has arrived on Nal Hutta and after going through several locations and contacts, the found the place - which was that same place Solo made his last contact from, and the place was under patrol by Imperial Stormtroopers. The chances to avoid confrontation was slim and the operatives decided to go in force. After a brief firefight with Imperial patrol which resulted in Rebel victory, the operatives entered the building. It was empty, the only door in the back was closed. When one of them kicked the door open, the operatives saw not the hall full of sabacc tables, but a fully functioning Imperial observation post - screens covered the walls and voices crackled from multiple speakers. More stormtroopers entered the hall from adjoining rooms and a firefight started anew. In one of the back rooms operatives saw Han Solo, who was held in the small holding cells behind the force bars. As soon as blaster bolts started to fly, the lights in the hall flickered and the force field died. "Nice timing, Chewie" said Han, grinning, and dove for a nearest blaster. With an unexpected help from Han Solo the operatives was starting to get upper hand, but then IG-88 entered via the main entrance and joined the fight. "You guys look familiar!" - Han shouted to the operatives - "Talk later" he added and dived toward nearest cover. After leaving the building via back door, the ran towards the docks, fighting their way through the alleys and dodging Imperial troops. They made it to where Falcon was waiting for them - and was greated by the roar of Chewbacca. "Yeah, yeah, I know" said Han waiving Chewie off. "Look, we're getting out of here, but this is everything I could find on the weapon" - he handed a small data cude to the lead operative. He waived his goodbye and as soon as he scrambled into Falcon, its powerful drives roared and she flew up and away. The team found their way to the transport and left Nal Hutta without further delays. The information they brought back to the Command revealed that the weapon General Weiss was developing for capital ships. The weapon was advanced and quite sophisticated, with destructive capabilities outclassing anything the Rebellion had at its disposal.

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