IA - Hostile Negotiations (2)
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First appearance: FFG Imperial Assault - Jabba's Realm
Happened during: IA - Jabba's Realm Campaign
Relations: Trandosha, Tatooine


The second task that Jabba issued to the operatives was to protect one of his smugglers, Gotal by the name of Kar Ranth. Ranth was supposed to deliver the spice from Tatooine to Trandosha, but they knew that the supposed buyer was much less than friendly. The team arrived on Trandosha on Ranth's YV-666 freighter and landed in the jungle nearby a stone temple. The buyer - nondescript human male - emerged from the temple to meet Ranth while his Gamorrean underlings were unloading the spice barrels from the freighter and bringing them to the temple. His Weequay mercenaries stood around them, watching the operatives silently. Ranth and the buyer checked the spice and found that its quality was satisfactory. But as soon as Ranth asked if the buyer was going to pay an agreed price, the buyer said a single word - "No." - and shot Ranth dead with his blaster. It took a moment for the mercenaries to start firing, and Hreeda was quick to return fire diving to the nearest cover, while Koma and Varad charged the mercenaries head on. Despite being outnumbered by the mercenaries at first, the operatives were much more proficient with their weapons. Several minutes later only the buyer himself continued to return fire hiding behind the temple. In that moment large group of Trandoshan hunters arrived to the scene and opened fire upon Koma and Varad, who quickly dived for cover. From the other side they heard a loud roar and they saw Nexu beast running towards them. Varad sprang out of the cover and met Nexu with her swords when it jumped forward. Koma and Hreeda sent a wall of blaster fire toward the Trandoshans. Keeping Trandoshans pinned down, Hreeda told Koma to gather spice barrels back to the ship. Shyla just finished Nexu and started to help Koma - Hreeda's skill with twin blasters was enough to keep attackers in line. As soon as all the barrels have been safely brought aboard, the operatives jumped into the open cargo door one by one, Hreeda being the last while still firing toward Trandoshans. The doors was still open, when the ship raised into the sky. Not wasting any more time the pilot set course to Tatooine and jumped hyperspace as soon as ship cleared gravity shadow of Trandosha. Upon arrival to Tatooine Jabba met the operatives in his throne room. Despite the loss of Kar Ranth, the Hutt crimelord was grateful - he very much knew the price of spice the operatives returned to him, but the loyalty they shown was priceless.
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Hostile Negotiations
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