Imperial Hospitality (2)Full unit name: IA - Imperial Hospitality
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Basic info
First appearance: Fantasy Flight Games Imperial Assault Miniatures Game
Fantasy Flight Games Imperial Assault Miniatures Game
Happened during: IA - The Campaign
IA - The Campaign
Galactic Civil War
Relations: Thyferra
Many operatives were involved in uncovering the details on an enigmatic weapon project led by General Weiss
Minor Characters
. Not all of them were lucky enough to gather anything of value, and those who have been lucky were not always been able to return back safely. One of the operatives who acquired critical bits of information, was captured and transfered to a facility near Thyferra
, from where Imperials planned to send him to Coruscant
. Worse, the captured operative was in possesion of critical information which, if uncovered, could compromise many other undercover agents across the Empire. The information was heavily encrypted, but Rebel Command was sure that giving enough time the Empire slicers will crack the code. The team of the operatives was sent on a rescue mission. They have been able to assault the facility, prevent the sensitive data been uncovered by Imperials, save the captured operative and escape Imperial pursuit. After the team returned to base, the Rebel analysts researched the schematics for a new Imperial weapon the rescued operative hid in a safe house before he was captured. It became clear that the weapon was smaller-scale version of the devastating Death Star
Death Star
Space Stations
superlaser. But this version was designed for fleet superiority instead of planetary destruction, and the plans were mass-prodicing the weapon and installing it to capital ships. Unfortunately the schematics weren't enough for Rebel engineers to develop the weapon for themselves - something was wrong with the schematics, possibly the plans were outdated, and the Command concluded that such a weapon will give Imperials the advantage which Rebels won't be able to counter.
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Full unit name: IA - Imperial Hospitality Last updated: 13.07.2023 15:53:22