IA - Incoming (2)
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First appearance: Fantasy Flight Games Imperial Assault Miniatures Game
Species/Type: IA - The Campaign


Concurrent mission: Drawn in
Rebel engineers was concluding their analysis of the schematics. The Command sent two teams of operatives to remote engineering outpost to ensure that analysis are completed and the results are delivered to the headquarters. When both transports dropped out of hyperspace, they was greated by a sight of Imperial Star Destoyer. One transport was grabbed and drawn in to Star Destoyer's huge hangar bay, while the second one was able to avoid the tractor beam and hastily descended into the athmosphere. Under heavy fire from the the ground the pilot was able to make a rough landing. The operatives grabbed their gear and traveled to the facility on foot. But when they arrived, they found a facility in shambles and overrun by Imperial forces. Fleeing through the forest with a battalion pursuing close behind, the operatives came across a listening post for the facility. The leader recalled that this area has a network of tunnels connecting the facility with emergency escape routes. He quickly decided that the only way was to find the entrance to the tunnels before Imperial catched up - and to do that they need to find a correct terminal.
They operatives ran towards the outpost, but as soon as the reached the corridor between buildings, the ground shaken under their foots, the Imperials started to bombard the area. Shoving aside the rubble, the operatives located a terminal with information they could use. The building shuddered against another heavy impact as they was frantically scouring the files for any details of the underground tunnels. They found the schematics for the tunnels themselves and mapped out a quick route, but some of the schematics have been damaged. The portion that could show them how to get into the tunnels from this listening post was a mess of garbled lines and text. They ran towards another building hoping to find another terminal there. They reached the building and entered, the dust and stone fragments was showering from the ceiling - the structure was being under constant attack. When the operatives was already preparing tothemselves to fight Imperials outside, the leader found the controls to open underground tunnels. He pressed a series of commands and waited for the doors to open, only to hear the loud whine of metal under strain followed by a high-pitched screech. Red warnings started to apprear across the terminal screen. The doors were jammed. The leader gave his orders - some of the operatives should defend the entrance while the second team was to pry the doors open. The time was running out, more Imperial was coming every moment, and the bombardment was constantly intensifying. Finally the leader managed to pry the blast doors open just enough for the operatives to squeeze through and gave the order for second team to retreat. The first team descended into the tunnels when one final explosion completely collapsed the building, blocking second team on the surface. While they still could evade to be buried under the rubble, the second team charged outside to fight their way back to the transport but saw just how many Imperial troopers were waiting for them outside. The only option available for them to stay alive had became to surrender. And while the first team was running through the tunnels towards main facility, they was hoping that their still a chance to save their comrades and complete the mission.

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Campaign Guide (SWI01)
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