One Step Behind (2)
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First appearance: FFG Imperial Assault - Return to Hoth
Happened during: IA - Return to Hoth Campaign
Relations: Hoth
Following the diversion at Echo Base, the squad of the operatives moved on foot toward the signal origin which was presumed to be outpost of General Sorin. Some time later they arrived to the outpost. It was small, but well defended, patrolled by snowtroopers and with spotlight towers set up around it. They found the ventilation port and entered the facility. While crawling the ventilation ducts they got a sense of the base interior - several small rooms with various consoles, the base was patrolled by snowtroopers and HK security droids. Finally they found suitable exit and dropped down to the facility floor. They moved stealthly through the facility, trying to avoid confrontation where possible. They were able to find four terminals and downloaded all the data they could. With their luck finally extingushed, they were forced to engage in open firefight with the guard and klaxons started to howl. They escaped out of the facility the way they got in, they reached designated extraction point. They shuttle waited for them, they boarded and the shuttle flown away. As soon as shuttle reached open space, they transmitted all the data to Rebel HQ for analysis. They hoped that information they gathered - along with that Benex was able to steal while in captivity - would be enough to understand what Empire is going to do next.
The following data was already decrypted:
1) Dengar's work at Echo Base was exemplary. Though he failed to secure Solo, his sabotage and subsequent assault on the Rebels had a major impact in battle. He continues to be a powerful asset, for a price...
2) Haven: a small, village-sized outpost in the Ison system, run by a man named Benex. Sympathetic to the Rebellion. Housing fugitives. Priority level 2.
3) Octation Sorin, General. Newly promoted. Although his record is not spotless, Command feels that his drive and devotion to the Empire warrant reward. His first assignment is to locate survivors of the Battle of Hoth and extract information from them pertaining to Rebel High Command.
4) Project Imperial Glory is well on track. The final push should lead us to all the information we require.
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One Step Behind
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Return to Hoth
I believe that the art depicts Choza Raabat, Jedi from Old Republic times. To be confirmed later.

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