Our Last Hope (2)
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First appearance: FFG Imperial Assault - Return to Hoth
Happened during: IA - Return to Hoth Campaign
The battle which was fought between Rebellion and Empire on some distant planet some time after the Battle of Hoth. The Imperials forces were led by General Sorin. Initially the Imperials had severely outnumbered and outgunned the Rebels. More to that, they had security codes for Rebel outpost shiled generator control which they have acquired from Zotho Benex. Despite all that, the Rebels prevailed. First they disabled key components of Sorin's Star Destroyer, forcing it to crash land on the planet. Then they convinced Dengar to leave his employment with Sorin. Finally Rebels were able to activate back the shields, which effectively prevented Imperials from advancing any further. Sorin and his Imperials fought fiercely, using all they had, including modified Scout-class tanks. But when Rebel reinforcements arrived and Sorin himself was captured, remaining Imperials retreated.
Notes (to be analyzed later):
1) It is unclear what kind of Star Destroyer was in use by Sorin. If it was Imperial-class, then after crash-land on a planet everything nearby would be obliterated. But the operatives were able to reach nearby shield control center which was utterly undamaged.
2) If it was even Victory-class, it should bring enough troops and vehicles to subdue or destroy any Rebel base, but a couple of Rebel operatives were able to hold them off and then even defeat.
3) Even if it was major base, it is unclear while Imperial sent only one ship and scout-tanks instead of full division of AT-ATs.
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Our Last Hope
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