IA - Overcharged (2)
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First appearance: FFG Imperial Assault - Jabba's Realm
Happened during: IA - Jabba's Realm Campaign
Relations: Ord Mantell, Tatooine


Next morning the operatives came to the throne room. To earn his protection Jabba ordered them to bring him the explosives that have been stored at Imperial munitions depot on a planet of Ord Mantell. Hreeda, Varad and Koma arrived on Ord Mantell on the small JumpMaster scout ship provided by Jabba. At a small seedy cantina the team had been met by one of the Jabba's agents. She led them to the landspeeder, they boarded it and she drove it towards the nearby warehouse complex. They came to a stop near one of the warehouses and their guide sliced the door lock with a help of small datapad. They entered warehouse, the guide opened one of the huge food containers marked with Imperial crest and ordered operatives to get inside. As soon as they were in and their guide closed the container and disappered, a squad of stormtroopers entered the warehouse. Stormtroopers quickly loaded the container into their transport and soon brought it to the entrance of their outpost - that same munitions depot where the explosives have been stored as their contact informed them.
When the container was opened for an inspection by the guards, Hreeda, Koma and Varad blasted out of it and the fight began. Rebels quickly defeated the guards - a squad of stormtroopers, a squad of jet troopers, and their commanding officer. When they entered the outpost, they have been joined by a couple of Weequay mercenaries, who explained that they had been sent by Jabba's agent to help gather the explosives. As soon as they rounded the corner, they have been attacked by Imperial probe droid. They blasted it out to the bits with their combined firepower and continued through the base. Soon they found the main bomb shed, but inside they have been ambushed by a squad of stormtroopers who waited for them. Next second the mercenaries have been killed by the blaster fire, but the operatives have been able to defeat the Imperials. They quickly gathered all the explosives they have been able to find and ran towards the exit. Responding to the blaring alarms, another squad of stormtroopers arrived and started the pursuit. Trading fire with their pursuers, the Rebels reached their escape ship and blasted out into the sky. Upon the arrival on Tatooine the Gamorreans unloaded the explosives and brought it to nearby pourstone outbuilding, while the operatives came to Jabba's throne room. Jabba was pleased with the results and expressed his gratitude.
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