Rescue Ops (2)
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First appearance: FFG Imperial Assault - Return to Hoth
Happened during: IA - Return to Hoth Campaign
Relations: [PLANET001]
Following the capture of Zotho Benex on Hoth during the diversion which was only partially successful, half of the Rebel operatives moved toward what assumed to be General Sorin's outpost. The second team boarded the shuttle and blasted off into space, considering potential options for finding and rescuing Benex. Benex had access to critical Alliance data and if Empire could be able to wrench this data out of him, it would seriously compromise Alliance security. The pilot began sending out calls on all known Rebel channels seeing if anyone in the area might be able to help. Finally he received a response and Rebel commander issued the team their new orders. "Troops," she said. "I've picked up a signal matching the one you described. And it was moving toward the only known Imperial interrogation center in the local area - a small facility in the mountains of a nearby [PLANET001]. If Benex knows as much as you say, we need to get there before they torture anything out of him. I'll be sending in some assistance as well - we can't afford any more mistakes."
After short hyperspace jump the shuttle arrived to the planet and descended through atmosphere. As it approached to what had to be interrogation facility, it was flanked by TIE Fighters. The shuttle descended almost to the ground and operatives jumped out of the shuttle's cabin into the snow below. The shuttle streaked up to the sky, followed closely by TIEs. The operatives rushed to the facility, fighting snowtroopers and probe droids. The reached the facility entrance, only to be greated a wall of blaster fire from a squad of stormtroopers. After a short firefight operatives prevailed, what left of the stormtroopers retreated into the wilderness. The operatives entered the facility where they had been unexpectedly met by Leia Organa. "Took you long enough!" She said "After the disaster at Echo base I figured you'd need some help. I've found the controls but there is another terminal somewhere in the base. Hurry!" Leia joined the team and together they have fought their way to opposite wing of the facility, where they have found another terminal. Along the way the fought off more stormtroopers accompanied by Dengar - the bounty hunter definitely was working for Sorin on permanent basis. They managed to slice the terminal and unlocked the door to interrogation chamber. When they reached the chamber and opend the doors, they saw Benex sprawled out on the interrogation table and the man who was questioning him. The man turned around and said, smirking "At last we meet. I'm General Sorin. But I'm afraid there is no way yo can possibly - ". Massive explosion shuddered the room, Sorin ducked as the wall behind him was has been blasted apart. Right behind where the wall used to be was Rebel shuttle, the weapons aimed inside the room. "I lost the TIEs, anyone need a lift home?" the pilot said via comlink. With Sorin nowhere to be seen, the operatives helped Benex and while trading shots with what left of stormtrooper squad, ran out of the facility through the gaping hole in the fall, followed closely by Organa. Organa's ship landed nearby and waving her goodbye she ran towards it. The operatives brought Benex aboard their own shuttle and both ships blasted off to the sky. "Well done" Leia contacted the operatives from her ship "We saved this one, at least. And maybe he even learned something." Benex informed the operatives that he was able to steal data disk while he was held in facility. The data was sent to Rebel analysts for decoding. The operatives were resting, wondering how their comrades were doing at the Sorin's outpost on Hoth.
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Rescue Ops
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