IA - The Source (2)
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First appearance: Fantasy Flight Games Imperial Assault Miniatures Game
Species/Type: IA - The Campaign


While another team of operatives was on their way to Coruscant, the elite squad of commando was sent to what has been presumed a primary manufacturing plant in Weiss's supply chain. The hopes of Rebel Command about the mission were high, they even assumed that the location of the secret weapon can be discovered there. The team arrived to the plant. The security was tight, each door took considerable amount of time to hack or break through. The operatives were about to give up when opportunity presented itself. "I don't care about your excuses. Kill the blasted creatures if you cannot keep them contained" - a scowling officer was coming down the hall. He was speaking into a comlink - "Drag me into this festering hole again and I'll see that you become their next meal." He lowered the comlink just as the operatives sprang from cover, jamming the blaster into officer's ribs and suggesting he behave himself and do as requested. Since the officer was captured, the squad's movement rate increased greatly - with the forced assistance from the officer they were able to open almost all doors in no time. They did go through the partially flooded garbage area while fighting Nexus who for some unknown reason live there. Then they reached the inspection center and officer started to key in the code. "It won't work, you know" - he said - "my people will fight to free me." The door opened and several blaster bolts sizzled by, narrowly missing the officer. "Watch your aim, you fools!" he shouted. The operatives quickly dispatched their enemies and continued toward security station. Once there, the officer started again - "Listen, I'm sure we can come to an arrangement. Please, you don't understand!" It took a little bit more time to force officer to open the door but he finally complied, sweat drippling down his face. As soon as the door was opened, blaster bolts started to fly towards operatives. They took cover and opened up with all weapons they have, feeling that their objective was very close. Soon another squad of stormtroopers was down and operatives made their way to command terminal. After a brief search through the data terrible revelation came to the Rebels. The officer swallowed hard, stepping away from the command terminal - "there, as you can see, it's a waste of your time." That appeared to be true. In spite of numerous shipments to this primary installation, none of the materials were ralted to weaponry. After a few moments, the officer cracked. "There's no weapon!" he shouted "It's all a trick to lure out the Rebel fleet. I told him that Strang's plan was far more suited..." The operative cut him off and continued to search through the data. Now he was able to see the seeds of deception everywhere across the data. With all the attention to the terminal, the officer made his desperate move - he dove towards one of the small backdoors, opened it with his command cylinder and was gone, door slammed shut after him. The operatives decided waste no time on the officer - now the key priority was to return back to base and inform the Command about Weiss's actual plans.

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Campaign Guide (SWI01) The Source
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Campaign Guide (SWI01)
The Source
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IA - The Campaign

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