IA - Trespass (1)
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First appearance: FFG Imperial Assault - Jabba's Realm
Happened during: IA - Jabba's Realm Campaign
Relations: Tatooine


The Empire has started to employ a new tactic - targeting families of those who known to them as Rebel supporters, along with other sympathizers. Rebel convoy transporting civilians to a hidden Rebel base was ambushed, many ships have been destroyed. The survivors fled to the Outer Rim planet of Tatooine seeking shelter there. But as soon as ships crash-landed in a desolate Dune Sea, several squad of stormtroopers have been dispatched to investigate from a small nearby Imperial outpost. Rebels dispatched a squad of troopers led by Shyla Varad, Onar Koma and Vinto Hreeda, their task to destroy outpost as soon as possible. When Rebels engaged in firefight with stormtroopers, a desert skiff piloted by Weequay mercenaries landed nearby and joined the battle on the Rebel side. Despite the arrival of the Imperial reinforcements led by Captain Terro, the combined force of Rebels and the mercenaries forced Imperials to retreat from the outpost. The mercenary leader then explained that he was sent by Jabba the Hutt to help repel the Imperials and bring Rebel leaders to his palace. After Weequay ensured Varad that the other survivors near the ships were also safe and under defense of Jabba's mercenaries, the second skiff arrived and Varad, Koma and Hreeda have been brought to Jabba's palace. They were met by Bib Fortuna, who informed them that Jabba has a proposal for them - and if they come to an agreement, Jabba will ensure Rebels safety while they are on Tatooine
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