Under Siege (2)Full unit name: IA - Under Siege
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Basic info
First appearance: Fantasy Flight Games Imperial Assault Miniatures Game
Happened during: IA - The Campaign
IA - The Campaign
Galactic Civil War
The distress beacon on the Yavin IV
Yavin IV
outpost covered the escape of several prominent Imperials, including the man who concocted the scheme, a general named Weiss
Minor Characters
. While the Rebel scouts scour the galaxy in search of any information about this man, other efforts to slow Empire's recovery in the aftermath of the Battle of Yavin
Battle of Yavin
Galactic Civil War
The team of Rebel operatives was sent to create a diversion while another team was sent to investigate the facility
A New Threat
(IA - The Campaign)
Galactic Civil War
under Weiss's control. The team arrived at the minor Imperial base and quickly overpowered all the defenses, but not before the Imperial were able to send a distress call - which was in complete accord with the initial plan. The Rebels have made their preparations to defend the captured base as long as it took another team to complete their task. The battle was raging for a lengthy amount of time - for every troop defeated more were coming to reinforce, but the Rebels was able to keep the base under their contol. The defenders were informed by the mission controller that the other strike team is nearly finished when the detonations inside the base let them know that the Imperials just found another way in. In the same time the Imperials outside brought even more firepower - an AT-ST
Ground Vehicle
joined the fray. Some time later when more Imperials perished, it was became clear that the base is much more important than it was believed before - the defenders saw Darth Vader
Darth Vader
Major Characters
himself was marching through the field of fallen troops. A controller informed the team that the other team was on their way out, but the operatives decided to buy a couple more minutes for their comrades to escape. Several minures later, facing overwhelming enemy forces led by Vader himself, the operatives hastily retreated to the awaiting shuttle. When on their way back to the Rebel base, the operatives were informed that the second team succeded in their mission - now it was clear that general Weiss is leading a new weapon project and all the data was confirming that this new weapon should become a first priority for the Rebel High Command to inestigate.
The operatives agreed that the threat was very much real, and the arrival of Vader was a best confirmation of this.
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Full unit name: IA - Under Siege Last updated: 13.07.2023 15:12:41