IG-88D (1)
IG-88D was the fourth and last model of the IG-88 droid line. He and IG-88C were sentries on Mechis III after the four droids revolted against their creators. IG-88D was created on Halowan by the Holowan Mechanicals Company in the Project Phlutdroid. After a droid of identical model called IG-88A, turned against his biological creators. A, then proceeded to activate and copy his programming into the other inactive droid's empty computer cores. A named the other droids by letter and by order of activation, and since he was last to be activated, IG-88A designated him IG-88D. All the assassin droids then continued to escape the laboratories they were created in, with the help of an assassin droid of similar model, called IG-72, who denied the option of joining them on their mission, but would help them escape. They then took a courier and escaped the planet, and set their sights on the foundry world of Mechis III.
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IG-88D | Aggressor (Unique)
IG-88D | Aggressor (Unique)
Aggressor-class Assault Fighter

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