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First appearance: Star Wars Rebel Assault 2 : The Hidden Empire (Video Game)


The Imdaar Aphla research station was a massive Imperial production facility anchored to the moon Imdaar Alpha. The station consisted of a central cylinder, containing the access tunnels, factory facilities, docking area and reactor core. Up to eight ships up to Star Destroyer size could dock at the sideward docking arms; Another one up to Star Dreadnought size could be docked directly above the main access tunnel. Three arms extending from the central spine further stabilized and anchored the facility on the moon's surface. Constructed under the auspices of Grand Admiral Martio Batch, the facility was used for researching and producing a working prototype of a Stygium cloaking device, and further implementing it in the TIE Phantom project. The source of the crystals was Aeten II, a planet also located in the Dreighton Nebula. While the Stygium mines on the planet had long before dried up, Batch was able to obtain previously unreachable crystals by using the Tarkin superweapon to destroy the planet. In 3 ABY Rebel operatives Ru Murleen and Rookie One discovered the facility after the destruction of the Star Dreadnought Terror and moved in to ultimately disable its production capacity. The facility was destroyed when its reactor was damaged by the two Infiltrators and went critical. The resulting explosion destroyed several Star Destroyers docked with the station, a large portion of Imdaar Alpha's surface, and the Empire's entire surplus of TIE Phantoms, effectively ending the project.

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Shadow Squadron Pilot | TIE Phantom (Unique)
Shadow Squadron Pilot | TIE Phantom (Unique)
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