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First appearance: The Bad Batch 01-03 : Replacements


Imperial Elite Anti-Insurgent Squads, or just Elite Squad Troopers were special forces troopers who served the early Galactic Empire prior to the termination of cloning production on Kamino. In the aftermath of the Clone Wars, the first conscripted soldiers joined the Imperial Army, which, at the time, consisted mainly of the clone troopers who once served the Galactic Republic. Imperial officers such as Vice Admiral Rampart and Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin supported the Empire's initiative to supplement and eventually replace the clones with willing recruits. A team of highly trained Elite Squad Troopers, ES-01, ES-02, ES-03 and ES-04, served under Clone Commander CT-9904. Their introduction to the ranks of the Imperial Military threatened the interests of the Kaminoans, whereas Tarkin saw them as further evidence that the Empire would be better served by a cheaper conscription force than an expensive clone army.
The members of the first Elite Squad wore modified clone trooper armor, specially designed to fit the individual bodies of non-clone conscripts who differed from the genetically identical clone troopers. This version of the armor was similar to the Phase II clone trooper armor, consisting of armor plates worn over a black body glove, although its primary color was black and the helmet lens was green. The Elite Squad used the same weapons as standard clone troopers, such as the DC-15A blaster carbine and the DC-15A blaster rifle. Additionally, some of the troopers carried a flamethrowers.


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