Imperial Jump Trooper (7)Full unit name: Imperial Jump Trooper
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First appearance: The Force Unleashed (Video Game)
The Force Unleashed (Video Game)
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The Imperial jumptroopers, also known as jet trooper, skytroopers or air assault troopers, were a variant of the Galactic Empire's stormtrooper
Imperial Stormtrooper
Galactic Empire Military
. The direct successor of the Republic clone jet troopers, they were assigned to the battlefields with the most treacherous terrain. The jumptroopers were an air-to-ground attack unit that was trained to engage airborne, entrenched, or otherwise inaccessible enemies. They were also trained in hit-and-run attacks in which they ambushed the enemy from above. They often provided stormtrooper units with air cover during pitched battles. They were the primary Imperial unit designated to "keep order" on low-gravity worlds or on atmospheric platforms such as Cloud City
Cloud City
Planetary Superstructures
. As the Emperor extends his iron-fisted rule, jumptroopers join Imperial forces from Outer Rim planets to more central locations like the Death Star
Death Star
Space Stations
. Many of these soldiers wore specialized stormtrooper armor with breathing hoses attached to the chest unit and a helmet similar to that worn by Clone Commander Cody
(Human (Clone))
. Some jumptroopers wore stormtrooper armor with red decals painted on, along with black shoulder pads and what appeared to be clone trooper chest plates. Furthermore, the forehead of this helmet was shaped in a black V and had a single red line on it with two red lights by the chin. Later troopers would wear more bulky armor. They were equipped with an AJP-400 Hush-About personal jet pack that allowed them to burst through the air in short spurts of about 20 seconds and allowed them to hover over a location for an extended time. Being hit with Force lightning would cause the jet pack to explode or malfunction, and the jumptrooper to spiral into the ground. Some other jumptroopers would have the JT-12 jetpack.
They were usually armed with plasma disruptors, which were far more powerful than standard Imperial-issued weaponry and were noted for their lack of a recoil. Thus the jumptroopers could discharge the weapon's fiery white bolts without changing their flight path or being knocked off balance while flying. This allowed them to seek a high vantage point in the air and take out their foes at a distance. Besides this, they were occasionally outfitted with rocket launchers. The troops utilized a heavy blaster rifle as one of their primary arms. For added punch, a Merr-Sonn Missile System was integrated into their jetpacks that could fire rockets with no homing capability, thus requiring the trooper to aim at the target directly. The missiles detonated with a grenade-like blast. The pack only contained a few missiles. They were also known to use devastating rail detonator guns, which allowed them to eliminate targets from any angle, as well as flamethrowers, which they discharged when they were at close range to their enemies.


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Full unit name: Imperial Jump Trooper Last updated: 05.03.2024 19:04:54