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First appearance: Revenge of the Sith
Relations: Theed Space Vessel Engineering Corps, Nubia Star Drives, Inc.
Events: Duel on Mustafar
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Duel on Mustafar (3)
The J-type star skiff (sometimes called the Naboo star skiff) was a yacht starship created by the Theed Palace Space Vessel Engineering Corps for the Royal House of Naboo. It was referred to as a star skiff due to its primary purpose as a passenger transport, a role often shared by the common repulsorlift surface vehicles known as skiffs. The J-type star skiff symbolized the changes sweeping through the galaxy in the final days of the Galactic Republic.
Though the star skiff retained the sleek, teardrop-shaped main hull and wide, sweeping wings of previous royal cruisers, a duller finish, exposed access grills and discolored Sossen-7 sublight engines indicated that the star skiff was a product of turbulent times. Perhaps most shocking of all for a Naboo royal vessel was the inclusion of a pair of top-mounted laser cannons. The J-type star skiff was 29 meters in length, and 49.3 meters wing to wing. Inside, It had a remarkably fast 0.5 hyperdrive and was spacious despite its small size. The Naboo star skiff was equipped with lockers and a medical suite, in addition to the standard cabins and compartments. It could also hold up to 6 passengers.
The star skiff was not designed for direct confrontation however, but its speed and agility allowed for quick escapes so the ship could recover from any damage it might sustain. Although it was far too expensive to be produced en masse, the J-type functioned as a refueling partner for the N-1 starfighter when needed.


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