Jin, Jonner (1)
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First appearance: Star Wars Rebels (TV Series)
Species: Human
Relations: Iron Squadron


Jonner Jin was a human male member of Iron Squadron, a local rebel cell based on the planet Mykapo. In 2 BBY, Jonner and his fellow rebels were involved in a skirmish with an Imperial advance patrol. The Iron Squadron was assisted by the Spectres and the Phoenix Cell, who had come to evacuate civilians from Mykapo. While the Iron Squadron initially declined the Spectres' advice to leave the system before Imperial reinforcements arrived, Jonner along with Gooti Terez and R3-A3 saw reason and departed with them. However, their captain, Mart Mattin, stayed behind to fight the Imperials. Jonner, Gooti, R3-A3 and the Spectres later joined forces in a successful mission to rescue Mart. As a result, the Iron Squadron joined the rebellion.

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Mart Mattin | Sato's Hammer (Unique)
Mart Mattin | Sato's Hammer (Unique)
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Mattin, Mart | Sato's Hammer | YT-2400 Light Freighter | Terez, Gooti | Theelin | Iron Squadron

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