Kenkirk (2)
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First appearance: Star Wars Galaxies : An Empire Divided
Species: Human
Relations: Imperial Officer
Kenkirk was a commander and officer in the Imperial Navy who lived at the time of the Galactic Civil War. Kenkirk entered the Imperial Navy and rose to the rank of Lieutenant. As of 1.5 ABY he served aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer Blackguard under the command of Captain Andal Sait. When Sait decided to go rogue and sell his ship to the criminal Black Sun crime syndicate, Kenkirk too became a traitor to the Empire and remained loyal to Sait. He helped test other officers' allegiance and persuaded several of his fellow crew members to follow the traitorous Captain. Kenkirk was on duty on the Blackguard's bridge when chief engineer Olum started all the ship's TIE Fighters to use them to transmit a message to the Empire, warning them about Sait's treachery. As Olum had disabled the ship's tractor beams, most of the fighters were shot down. After this incident, Sait promoted Kenkirk to the rank of Commander.


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