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First appearance: Star Wars 09 : Darklighter, part 2
Was destroyed: The Destruction of Lark
Events: The Destruction of Lark
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The Destruction of Lark (1)
  • Was destroyed
The Lark was a private transport from the planet Eedoq which was destroyed by Imperial forces just prior to the Battle of Yavin. The ship had been on a mission to deliver 309 young students to the Clarion Scholars Academy on the planet Daemen when it was intercepted by the Imperial frigate Rand Ecliptic. Unable to provide the proper Imperial identification codes, the ship was ordered to be boarded by the commanding officer of the Rand Ecliptic Captain Heliesk. Rand Ecliptic's TIE fighters encircled the ship and its commander, First Mate Biggs Darklighter, ordered to not destroy the ship. Unfortunately, an over eager TIE pilot, Tars Nandy, instead fired on the ship, destroying it and killing all onboard. This incident, and the Empire's cold calous towards it, lead to the mutiny of Biggs Darklighter and Derek Klivian who then joined the Rebel Alliance.


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Strike at Incom Facility | Mutiny on the Rand Ecliptic | The Destruction of Lark

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