Manaroo (1)
Manaroo was an Aruzan female from Aruza. Manaroo was to undergo Imperial processing on her home planet, Aruza, under the Empire's "Redesign" operation. Under COMPNOR, this process would remove all kindness from her being, effectively making her a vicious servant of Imperial doctrine. The process would be similar to one undergone by the bounty hunter Dengar. Manaroo was rescued by Dengar, who killed Sinick Kritkeen, the COMPNOR overseer of Aruza. She made her way to Cloud City on Bespin to become a dancer.
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Manaroo | JumpMaster 5000 (Unique)
Manaroo | JumpMaster 5000 (Unique)
Punishing One (JumpMaster 5000 Scout Ship) | JumpMaster 5000 Scout Ship | Dengar

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