Mandalore the Indomitable (2)
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First appearance: Tales of the Jedi : The Sith War
Species: Taung
Relations: Mandalorian
Mandalore the Indomitable was a male Taung who served as warlord of the Mandalorian Clans prior to and during the events of the Great Sith War. In the year 3996 BBY, believing that the seven worlds of the Empress Teta system - under the control of a dark side society called the Krath - had been weakened by numerous campaigns, Mandalore the Indomitable led his Mandalorian Crusaders in an invasion of Tetan space. What followed was a confrontation with the Sith Lord Ulic Qel-Droma, who was leader of the Krath military, the outcome of which saw Mandalore the Indomitable swear a personal oath of allegiance to Qel-Droma and pledge his Mandalorian army to augment the Sith forces.
Following Qel-Droma in his quest to control the galaxy and defeat the Jedi Order, Mandalore, along with the Krath sorceress Aleema Keto, helped Qel-Droma plan an invasion of the Republic capital of Coruscant. After Qel-Droma was captured by the Jedi during the battle, Mandalore later learned that Qel-Droma had been betrayed by the ambitious Keto, who planned to use Qel-Droma's capture as an opportunity to usurp complete control of the Krath forces. Remembering the oath he swore to Qel-Droma on Kuar, Mandalore paid lip service to Keto but set out to locate Qel-Droma's partner and master, the Dark Lord of the Sith Exar Kun, in the hopes that Kun would help rescue Qel-Droma from his prison on Coruscant. Locating Kun on the jungle moon of Yavin 4, Mandalore enlisted the aid of the Sith Lord. Arriving at the Republic capital alongside Kun, Mandalore watched as Kun and his Massassi warriors freed Qel-Droma from the Inquisition charged with prosecuting him for war crimes.
Grateful for the loyalty that Mandalore had shown him, Qel-Droma gave his Mandalorian warlord a special assignment while he and Kun led an assault on the Jedi stronghold of Ossus: while the Sith Lords were busy attacking Ossus, Qel-Droma ordered Mandalore to lead the bulk of his warriors in a massive assault against the Republic world of Onderon. Even though the Mandalorians experienced initial gains in their attack, during the battle the invading forces were thwarted by the defending Beast Riders, led by Beast-Lord Oron Kira, and forced to retreat to Onderon's jungle moon of Dxun. During the retreat, Mandalore was separated from his forces, and found himself surrounded by several predatory creatures native to Dxun. They attacked him, leading to the death of Mandalore the Indomitable; however, his mask was found by one of his Taung soldiers, and this soldier would declare himself the new Mandalore.


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Taung | Mandalorian

Tags (2)

Taung | Mandalorian

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