Massacre at Ossus (5)Full unit name: Massacre at Ossus
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First appearance: Star Wars Legacy : Broken, part 1
Relations: Ossus
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The Massacre at Ossus, also known as the Fall of Ossus, Massacre on Ossus, Attack on Ossus, Assault on Ossus or the Ossus massacre, was a conflict that occurred in 130 ABY, two days after the fall of Coruscant. With the capture of that galactic capital world, the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances was forced to surrender to the forces of the Fel Empire. With this action, it appeared that once again the galaxy was under the control of a single organized government. Nonetheless, Darth Krayt influenced events, staging a coup d'etat in order to take over the Empire and institute himself as Emperor of the galaxy. Krayt believed that in order for his coup to be successful, he should first eliminate any potential threats to his takeover - thus, he reasoned, the New Jedi Order had to be destroyed. Once he became Emperor the Jedi would be the only opposition he would have to face, since the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances had already been deposed. The attack on Ossus was originally supposed to be a simple diplomatic meeting between the Jedi and the Empire in order to fix ties and maybe even form an alliance. However, Darth Krayt pulled his strings and had the Imperial forces attack the Jedi, so that it turned into a massacre marking the beginning of the Third Jedi Purge. Unfortunately for Darth Krayt's plan, about half of the order remained at large, as they had left for other planets after the fall of Coruscant, and he had not waited for all of them to gather at Ossus. The Massacre at Ossus witnessed the deaths of countless Jedi at the hands of the Sith attackers. Darth Krayt's raid was successful, and among those killed was Jedi Grand Master Kol Skywalker, as he made a defiant last stand against the superior numbers of the Sith forces in order to save younglings. Master Wolf Sazen assisted Kol and was struck down by Darth Nihl, yet was able to survive thanks to Kol's son. Although many were killed, several Padawans and younglings were able to escape in J-1 shuttles. Many Sith and Stormtroopers were also killed during the Massacre. Many Yuuzhan Vong warriors and shapers, there because of their terraforming activities, were also executed.


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Full unit name: Massacre at Ossus Last updated: 13.09.2022 21:30:34