Massacre on Dentaal (2)Full unit name: Massacre on Dentaal (GGW)
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First appearance: Darksaber
Relations: Dentaal
"Crix Madine, for one, founded and trained the Emperor's Storm Commandos and was part of the operation that released the Candorian Plague on Dentaal - a shocking act of genocide."
- Admiral Ackbar

Shortly after the Battle of Yavin
Battle of Yavin
Galactic Civil War
during the Galactic Civil War, Crix Madine and his Storm Commandos
Imperial Storm Commando
Galactic Empire Military
were stationed on Dentaal
, a world teetering on the brink of rebellion. Madine was ordered to use the deadly Candorian plague against a military target. Madine and his troops completed the mission, which resulted in the death of almost entire Dentaalian population. It wasn't until after the mission that Madine learned that the target was not military, but that the real goal was to instill fear in those who dare to oppose the rule of the Empire. The Empire later blamed the plague on the Rebel Alliance.
Wracked with guilt over his role in the genocide, Madine, who had long planned to defect due to the increasingly brutal imperial policies, made his decision.
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Full unit name: Massacre on Dentaal (GGW) Last updated: 06.11.2022 12:54:26