Meeting of Provisional Council (5ABY) (3)
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First appearance: Star Wars X-Wing Rogue Squadron : Mandatory Retirement
"If we can help it, Pestage will not die"
- Mon Mothma
This meeting of New Republic Provisional Council took place about 5ABY, sometime after Sate Pestage discussed a secret deal with New Republic. General Cracken entered the council meeting and after Mon Mothma asked him to report, he said that Sate Pestage fled Coruscant and Imperials were hunting him. Borsk Fey'lya inquired why Pestage fled, and Cracken answered that Pestage was charged with treason, but nothing indicated that Isard knew about his dealings with New Republic. Cracken assumed that the charges were based on manufactured evidences, because Isard aimed to get rid of him. He also said that Pestage was placed under arrest by Imperials on the world of Ciutric. Leia Organa proposed a rescue operation, Fey'lya argued on that. Mon Mothma asked Ackbar if it was possible at all, and Admiral assured her that they had proper military assets in place, but need more intel on local situation on Ciutric. Cracken said that they also had local militia there and no strong Imperial presence within twenty parsecs. They would need good pilots and a commando unit to succeed. Finally Mon Mothma gave an order to start preparations for the rescue operation.
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