Militia's Trial (18)Full unit name: Militia's Trial (Tatooine)
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Basic info
First appearance: The Old Republic
Happened during: Forge the Future
Relations: Tatooine
Known Facts (4)
"This is our fight. We can help you defeat them."
- Vastil to the Republic operatives

When the operatives and recruits returned to Espelar from a training mission, Junter Galt received a distress call from Cole Darba, Militia member in charge of the base defenses. Darba and his men were pinned down in Manister Base, which had been overrun by a Geonosian hive. Vastil volunteered to help, but Galt pointed that he and his men had only one combat training session and were not ready to fight on their own. Having no other choice he asked the operatives to help again and take Vastil and recruites with them. Initially the operatives wanted to go alone, leaving the recruites behind for their own safety, but Galt convinced them to take Vastil and others because they need more combat experience to be able to defend settlement on their own when the operatives left. The operatives agreed, and Vastil, along with other recruits went to Manister to scout ahead.
The operatives made it to the Manister base, which was indeed under the complete control of the Geonosians. Vastil and the other recruits were nowhere to be seen. The operatives engaged the Geonosians, attacking everyone in sight. There were many of them - drones, soldiers and drone commanders - and many of them died. Fighting their way through the base, the operatives found recruits and other militias barricaded in one of the buildings. Vastil was very glad to see the operatives, he explained that Cole Barba was smart enough to hide after he sent out a distress signal, but Geonosians soon found them and having them pinned down ever since. Darba said the Geonosians were raiding their suppliers. He added that while the Geonosians were brutes, they were also experienced fighters and tech-savvy, and their droids had killed some of the best militiamen. Vastil was adamant that they needed to attack the Geonosians until they had taken all the remaining supplies. Darba said he had too many wounded and the rest were in bad shape, but the operatives could kill enough Geonosians to divert their attention and buy enough time for the militia to flee the base, taking their wounded in the ensuing confusion. Vastil said that he would not run and wanted to fight alongside the operatives, but they refused, seeing that this fight would be Vastil's last. Vastil reluctantly agreed, and the operatives told Vastil and Darba to wait for a signal that the way was clear.
The operatives went outside, and the battle resumed. They killed many more Geonosians and destroyed several of their war droids. When they cleared a path to the speeder pad, Vastil, Darba, and the others got out and ran towards the speeder. A few minutes later they boarded the speeder and drove away, and the operatives continued the assault. They destroyed the remaining supplies and killed at least five drone commanders. In one of the militia warehouses, they found the leader of the Geonosian assault - the so-called "war marshal" Polarin the War Marshal, who immediately attacked the operatives. They killed him and downloaded important defense data from Geonosian computers. More and more Geonosians began to arrive, threatening to surround and overwhelm the operatives. So they quickly got on their speeders and drove towards the Lagrona outpost.
The operatives arrived at the Largona outpost and went to the local hospital. They found the local doctor, a Bith named Aidarro, who said that Vastil had warned him that the operatives were coming, but before the doctor went to look for him, Vastil came himself. He said the other recruits were resting and Darba would be fine when the doctors were done with him. He added that he was very grateful to the operatives for how well they trained them, and soon he would be fully initiated into the ranks of the Militia. Voidhound gave Vastil their personal holofrequency and told him to contact them if he discovered any contraband. Vastil said that he should not do this, but thanked for the advice. Everyone laughed, and then the operatives left.
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