Mission to Cato Neimoidia (TFU2) (3)
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First appearance: The Force Unleashed 2 (Video Game)
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On Cato Neimoidia, a massiff prepares to charge at a competitor in an arena. As it charges, it is cut down mid-leap by the competitor, who is revealed to be the original Starkiller's mentor, the Rebel and Jedi General Rahm Kota. After striking down a Feeorin Gladiator, Kota shouts up to an observation canopy, informing a 'Baron' that he was 'running out of executioners'. The Baron, Merillion Tarko, requests that they 'try the Corellian slice hounds'. He is informed by one of his Neimoidian aides that Vader's ship was approaching. Tarko, under the impression that Vader himself was coming, requests a squad of stormtroopers to be assembled in the hangar.
However, it was not Vader that had arrived, but Starkiller. Tarko, immediately suspicious of the young man, asks him for the sector's security codes. After Starkiller fails to give the codes, Tarko orders the troopers to attack him. Starkiller easily kills the troopers, yet Tarko flees back to the immediate safety of the city. Starkiller proceeds to enter the city after destroying an AT-MP and two Imperial Sith Acolytes.
Starkiller fights Nemesis on Cato Neimoidia
Starkiller kills many more Imperial forces on the way, but he is attacked by one of Tarko's Nemesis-class gunships, which promptly destroys a bridge, killing Imperials and destroying buildings relentlessly. Starkiller evades the ship, but it would not be the last time he would face the gunship. After entering a gambling hall, filled with many game machines, he came across several Carbonite War Droids in the lower levels, which had seemingly frozen many unfortunate Neimoidian citizens. After going through another, smaller room with three game machines, the Nemesis attacks yet again, destroying the bridge Starkiller was standing on. Starkiller manages to reach a tram, and utilizes it as a passage to the Eastern Arch. He is forced to destroy many TIE Fighters in order to save the tram, but the Nemesis catches up, firing its hellcaster cannon and several missiles. While unable to deflect the laser blasts, Starkiller manages to redirect the missiles back at the ship, eventually forcing it to flee. The tram had suffered too much damage, however, and it plunged off its power supply line, with Starkiller only just managing to leap off it to reach a platform.
After destroying several more Imperials, Starkiller finally reached his goal; the Arena. Before he could enter it, however, the bridge he was standing on was partially destroyed: Another Nemesis corners him. Starkiller manages to crush its engines, destroying it. He uses it to leap across to the other side of the destroyed bridge, and into the arena's ventilation shaft. He uses a lift to access a gateway into the arena. He enters, finds Kota, and tells him that he 'can sit this one out'. Kota is overjoyed to find Starkiller seemingly alive. Tarko, on the other hand, is enraged, and tells his aide to 'send out the Gorog'. His aide panics, informing Tarko that the restraints of the arena had not been properly tested. Tarko insisted that the Gorog gate be opened. A Rancor enters the arena. Starkiller ignites one of his lightsabers, and looks smugly at the Rancor. Just before the Rancor could attack, however, an immense hand emerges from the floor, crushes the rancor, and pulls it below. Then, the same arm emerges, pulling with it an immense creature: The Gorog.
Starkiller was forced to damage the creature's manacles, and push them into chains hanging on the walls. Once this was done, he gripped the creature's neck chain, and managed to pull it towards the floor, slamming it down twice. This seemed to be the only way of greatly damaging the beast. The Gorog pulled its hands free, and Starkiller had to repeat the process again. He then leaped at the Gorog, slicing off a metal plate on its forehead. He stabbed at a gash that was hidden behind the plate. The Gorog, now fully enraged, pulled its left wrist free, completely shattering the manacle. It flung Starkiller on to the arena's side wall, pulled its other wrist free, and proceeded to climb the arena. Kota, who had gone after Tarko, suggested destroying the arena's supports. Starkiller realized this would bring down the whole structure, but did it anyway. Just before the arena gave way, he proceeded towards Tarko's observation box. Kota was already dueling Tarko and three stormtroopers. The Gorog punched its way into the box, still seeking to kill Starkiller. Tarko was promptly eaten, yet Kota was trapped in the beast's grip. He was pulled down with it when the arena gave way. As Kota was the only one who knew where Juno was, Starkiller dived after him, dodging debris on his way down. Unable to kill the Gorog, or at least harm it in such as way that it would relent its grip on the suffocating Kota, Starkiller used the Force to charge towards the Gorog at an insurmountable speed, punching a hole through the Gorog's chest with his own body. The Gorog finally let Kota go. Kota chided Starkiller's lack of an escape, yet he showed he had his own escape: The Rogue Shadow plummeted towards the two men, rescuing them, just as the Gorog and the rest of the arena fell to the bottom of the chasm.
Starkiller, assuming Eclipse to be at the helm, barged into the bridge, yet discovered that she was not there. Kota then revealed that Eclipse's ship was out of his reach, and they had lost contact. He then suggested that Starkiller create a major diversion in order to rally the troops. Starkiller interjected, revealing that he was a clone, grown in a vat to take Marek's place. Kota laughed at this, stating that it was impossible to clone Jedi. When Starkiller revealed that he had come from Kamino, Kota requested information on the cloning facilities for a major strike. Starkiller refused, and said that he needed a place to meditate. Kota snapped at him, yet inadvertently inspired Starkiller to visit Dagobah. After dropping Kota off at Malastare, Starkiller traveled to Dagobah.


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Events (2)

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Events (2)

Escape from Kamino (TFU2) | Mission to Dagobah (TFU2)

Mission to Dagobah (TFU2)
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