Mission to Ruul (3)
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First appearance: Jedi : Mace Windu
Previous event: Battle of Lianna Aftermath (3M ABG)
Next event: Mission to Queyta Aftermath
About 3 months after the Battle of Geonosis while investigating reports of defecting Jedi, Mace Windu headed on a mission to Ruul. Mace Windu arrived on Ruul at night and was greeted by Sora Bulq, who claimed he had joined the dissidents out of grief over the death of so many Jedi at the battle of Geonosis, feeling that the preservation of the Republic was not worth their deaths. However, he stated that he had not made up his mind one way or the other, and said he would simply listen and meditate. When questioned by Windu about Quinlan Vos' knowledge of Vaapad, Bulq claimed he had trained Vos in the basics of Vaapad as a test, and when Vos passed it, Bulq went no further. Windu shortly met with K'Kruhk and Sian Jeisel, the former meditating under a waterfall, the latter clearing a path to the main house of the estate with her lightsaber. They were shortly joined by Bulq, who was accompanied by Rhad Tarn and his former padawan, Mira. As they began their meeting, Rhad Tarn quickly took the extremist position, advocating that the Jedi join the Confederacy, whereas Mira claimed the middle ground, favoring diplomacy. When questioned about his position, Bulq quietly sided with Tarn, in contradiction of his earlier statements to Windu. As the meeting adjourned, the Jedi departed to rest and meditate, while Windu followed Bulq to the main house, questioning him about his change of position. Bulq simply said that his mind and his heart were full and went to walk the paths of the estate to think. Bidding Windu good night, he departed.


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