Nadon, Momaw (4)
Momaw Nadon was an Ithorian who was exiled from his homeworld, Ithor, after he revealed secrets of Ithorian agricultural technology to the Galactic Empire. He spent much of his exile on Tatooine, and was seen in Chalmun's Cantina when Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi came searching for passage to Alderaan. Momaw Nadon served his people for decades as high priest of the Tafanda Bay. After the rise of the Galactic Empire, Ithor was threatened. The newly-established Empire demanded access to Ithorian agricultural techniques and technology. Such information was sacred to the Ithorian people, and they refused. Nadon, however, was compelled to reveal this technology to save the surface of Ithor to prevent further damage of their 'mother jungle' from the turbolasers of the Imperial fleet. He revealed this knowledge to Imperial Captain Alima, under the threat of further decimation of the world. Despite saving his homeworld from destruction, the Ithorian Elders nevertheless punished him for his sacrilegious deeds. Usually being a sentence of death, Nadon was able to call in a favor from a friend, and the "traitor" was then exiled.
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