Onyo, Ketsu (3)
Basic info

First appearance: Star Wars Rebels (TV Series)
Species/Type: Human
Relations: Mandalorian, Bounty Hunter


Ketsu Onyo was a human female Mandalorian from Shukut who worked as a bounty hunter in the employ of Black Sun in the years prior to the Battle of Yavin. She was a friend of Sabine Wren and helped the cadet escape from the Imperial Academy on Mandalore. The two became bounty hunting partners before she and Wren parted on bad terms, and Wren joined the Spectres. After leaving Sabine for dead, Ketsu joined Black Sun. Ketsu later resurfaced on Garel where she accepted a job from Black Sun to steal a GNK-series power droid called EG-86, who was carrying sensitive information. However, this job brought her into conflict with Wren and her rebel associates Chopper and Ezra Bridger. Following a struggle that ended in the space above Garel, Ketsu and Sabine reconciled and the two joined forces to escape an Arquitens-class command cruiser and deliver EG-86 to the rebellion on Havoc Outpost. While Ketsu declined Wren's offer to join the rebellion, the two departed on friendly terms. Later, Ketsu helped the Phoenix Cell to obtain fuel from Horizon Base. She later aided the Spectres by fighting off Imperial forces during an Imperial attack on the rebel fleet. Ketsu's actions enabled the Ghost to land on the rebel flagship and deliver vital supplies to the rebels. Having refueled, the rebels were able to escape to the planet Atollon.

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Shadow Caster (Lancer-class Pursuit Craft)

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Ketsu Onyo (Unique) Ketsu Onyo | Lancer-class Pursuit Craft (Unique) Ketsu Onyo | Shadow Caster (Unique)
Ketsu Onyo (Unique)
Ketsu Onyo | Lancer-class Pursuit Craft (Unique)
Ketsu Onyo | Shadow Caster (Unique)
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Mandalorian | Bounty Hunter

Tags (2)

Shadow Caster (Lancer-class Pursuit Craft) | Lancer-class Pursuit Craft


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