Opee Sea Killer (Creature) (2)
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First appearance: The Phantom Menace
The opee sea killer, sometimes referred to as simply an opee, was a large meat-eating crustaceous sea creature of approximately twenty meters in length - a hybrid of crustacean and fish, that inhabited the watery planet core of Naboo. It was the third largest predator on Naboo, only smaller than the colo claw fish and the even larger Sando aqua monster, which both prey on it. Another predatory enemy of it is the Titavian. The opee was a predator often found clung to rocky outcroppings or hidden in caverns or under ledges awaiting its prey. When forced to move, the opee was perfectly adapted to swim—in its own unusual way—sucking water into its mouth and jet propelling it from pores beneath armored plates at the rear of its body. This unique technique, coupled with three pairs of powerful legs and a pair of pectoral guidance fins, allowed the opee to accelerate quickly underwater. Once in range of prey, the opee would extend its massive adhesive tongue, successfully reeling in its prey to a vicious, gaping maw of multi-rowed teeth. The opee also used the long, antennas protruding from above its head as lures to draw prey towards its double rows of fangs. Their thick chitinous hide could deflect blasts from energy blasters.
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