Ozzel, Kendal (3)
Basic info
First appearance: Empire Strikes Back
Species/Type: Human
Kendal Ozzel was a male Human born into a wealthy Caridan family. After studying at multiple Core World military institutes, Ozzel graduated as a Captain of the Line but was delegated to teaching positions because his superiors had doubts about his ability to serve as an effective field commander. Nonetheless, at the advent of the Clone Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Ozzel was commissioned as a major in the Grand Army of the Republic by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and went on to serve with the clone forces in multiple engagements. He continued to serve under Palpatine when the Republic was reorganized into the Galactic Empire.
Complete list
Admiral Ozzel CREW | Admiral Ozzel (Unique) Admiral Ozzel (Unique)
SWM The Force Unleashed
Admiral Ozzel
CREW | Admiral Ozzel (Unique)
Admiral Ozzel (Unique)
Imperial Officer
Darth Vader | Executor (Super-class Star Destroyer) | Super-class Star Destroyer
Imperial Officer

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