Prison Labor (10)Full unit name: Prison Labor (Tatooine)
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First appearance: The Old Republic
Previous event: Dragon's Tail
Next event: The Assassin's Fortress
Relations: Tatooine
It was a mission undertaken by a team of Imperial Operatives on Tatooine during the Cold War in 3643 BBY. When at Zaroshe outpost, the operatives were approached by Vengo, an Officer who served Imperial Reclamation Service. He explained, that he and his men were tasked to escort prison laborers to a Czerka dig site. His squad was ambushed by a team leb by Jedi and many of his men were killed, prisoners rescued. He asked to find and kill prisoners and their Jedi rescuers, to safeguard future Imperial convoys. He also noted, that he had already overloaded the prisoners' shock collars and they should be quite injured. According to the sensors. escaped prisoners stopped moving - Vengo assumed they were in the deep desert, tending their wounded.
Following the sensor data, the operatives traveled deep into the Dune Sea and soon found enemy camp which was located near the wreckage of the Tarsis'Krall. After quick reconnaissance it turned out that there were four Jedi and five prisoners. Vengo was right, it seemed like the enemy had set up the camp to tend to the injuried - while some Jedi patrolled, others used their Jedi art to heal the wounded. The operatives attacked, stealthily killing Jedi one by one, and soon all Jedi and escaped prisoners were dead.
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Full unit name: Prison Labor (Tatooine) Last updated: 14.07.2022 22:20:44