Quality Insurance (6)Full unit name: Quality Insurance
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First appearance: The Old Republic
Relations: Tatooine
Known Facts (3)
"If you can slice the relays, maybe my squad didn't die for nothing."
- Militia Officer Jule to the Republic operatives.

It was one of missions that was executed by Republic Operatives during the Cold War on Tatooine. As the operatives arrived at Camp Largona, they met Citizen's Militia officer named Jule. Saddened and drunk, he told the operatives that his squad had been assigned with slicing Imperial comm relays, but they were ambushed and he was the only survivor. He said that he had to complete the mission alone, to honor the memory of his fallen comrades - that was he got drunk, hoping to gather enough courage. He was certain that he wouldn't make it back alive. The operatives said Jule that they had much better chances to succeed, he agreed and gave them a spike.
The operatives arrived to Suns Rise Ridge where according to Jule's data Comm Relay Delta was located. Instead of Imperials the area was swarmed with Sand People preparing for a raid. To ensure safery of a nearby settlements, the operatives attacked the raiders. The quickly defeated several groups of reapers and farseers and sliced the comm relay. Next they reached comm relay Beta, and it was also occupied by Sand People - several groups of pilgrims, pathfinders and bloodletters had camped around the relay. The operatives engaged and soon the area was clear and they sliced another comm relay. The same was with relay Alpha. But when they reached final relay which was located in Eastern Wound region - Gamma - there were no Sand People, only a pack of scavenging womp rats. The operatives quicky dealt with vermins and sliced final relay.
When the operatives returned to the Camp Largona, Jules was still drunk, he thanked the operatives heartily, saying that he could now go home.
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