R4-B11 (2)
Basic info
First appearance: Operation Elrood (West End Games)
Species/Type: R4-series Droid
R4-B11 appears to be a standard, beat-up agromech droid. Similar in design to the popular R2 models, R4 units are designed to work on farm machinery and vehicles. B11 is a cranky droid that Absentmindedly chirps and whistles when bored. It likes to take things apart, but quickly gets bored and never puts anything back together. It's rude when interfacing with computers which are "below" its standards. Slythor tried B11 at every possible job, including valet, pilot, guard, and entertairunent unit. Needless to say, it didn't excel at anything. In frustration, the Squib disassembled it and added modifications, including increasing the output of the arc welder (making it an offensive weapon) and adding a concealed blaster. B11 now makes an ideal assassin droid, a duty it enjoys. Slythor throws it into trades with his enemies. Days after they depart Korad, B11 betrays its new owners. Once his owners are neutralized, B11 takes control of the ship, downloads astrogation coordinates for Korad from its memory and plots the hyperspace jump back to Korad, where the new prize is delivered to Slythor. As the Squib is fond of remarking, the best trade is for a free object.
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ASTROMECH | R4-B11 (Unique) 0924 : Unit : Illegal Modifications
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ASTROMECH | R4-B11 (Unique)
0924 : Unit : Illegal Modifications
R4-series Droid
R4-series Droid

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