R4-G9 (1)
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First appearance: Star Wars Obsession, part 1
Model: R4-series Droid
Relations: Jedi Order, Kenobi, Obi-Wan
Events: Making Contact (ROTS)


R4-G9, also known as Geenine, was a bronze-domed R4-series astromech droid maintained by the Jedi Order on Coruscant during the Clone Wars. Like many Jedi R4-series droids, Geenine had an R2 series dome, instead of the conical R4-series head.
R4-G9 was originally assigned to Aayla Secura to replace her previous astromech QT-KT, who had been assigned elsewhere, and it operated aboard her blue-hued Eta-2 interceptor. During the search for Asajj Ventress, Secura loaned the starfighter to Obi-Wan Kenobi. R4-G9 flew with Kenobi to pick up Anakin Skywalker on Naboo, before rendezvousing in the Karthakk system. Following the resolution of Obi-Wan's quest, he switched to a red-hulled interceptor, though apparently kept Secura's starfighter as a backup.
During the transition between the Delta-7 starfighter and its Delta-7B and Eta-2 successors, many astro-droids hard-wired into or truncated to fit Delta-7 starfighters had to be replaced by factory-model units. Such was the case with Obi-Wan Kenobi's R4-P17, who was temporarily replaced by R4-G9 when Kenobi became one of the first Jedi to pilot the next-generation models. Obi-Wan requisitioned a direct link between the two droids to ensure all flight performance records could be transferred between them.
Kenobi was re-assigned R4-P17 when the droid was engineered to operate with the Delta-7B. After transferring to the Eta-2, R4 was destroyed onboard Obi-Wan's fighter during the Battle of Coruscant. She was replaced by G9 as Obi-Wan's droid co-pilot. G9 was stationed onboard Vigilance following the resolution of the battle over Coruscant.
When Obi-Wan was tasked with tracking down and eliminating General Grievous, he flew with G9 to Utapau in the Outer Rim Territories. There, he learned that the Separatists had assumed control of Pau City, and ordered G9 to perform a diversionary tactic. G9 piloted the interceptor off the planet alone, returning to Vigilance while Obi-Wan remained on-world to locate Grievous.

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