Reek (2)Full unit name: Reek (Creature)
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First appearance: Attack of the Clones
Events: Geonosis Arena Battle
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Geonosis Arena Battle (1)
The reek was a large thick-skinned, horned, rhino-esque quadruped, native to Ylesia. Subspecies could be found on Iridonia, Kashyyyk and Ithor. They could also be found in ranches on the Codian Moon, Tatooine, and Saleucami.
Reeks were even-toed ungulates, herbivores by nature, but they were often fed meat for exhibition sport and executions. This turned their leathery skin crimson and made the reeks much more aggressive. Reeks were unable to survive on only meat, so they were given just enough plant matter to keep them healthy. This method was used by the Geonosians for their Execution Arena reeks. All reeks, including subspecies, were normally brown in color and only changed depending on their diet. Reeks were usually found in herds and resided in the mossy grasslands of Ylesia. They were very protective of their herds, fighting violently with intruders using their horns.


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Full unit name: Reek (Creature) Last updated: 23.08.2022 19:23:48