Renz (1)
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First appearance: Return of the Jedi
Species: Human
Relations: Imperial Officer
Events: Battle of Endor
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Battle of Endor (2)
Renz was an Imperial officer, holding the title of Lieutenant, stationed at the bunker on Endor, and leader of one of the Imperial legions during the Battle of Endor. Following the disposal of Colonel Dyer, Renz captured the Rebels who had infiltrated the bunker, and ordered a lockdown following the beginning of the battle. Shortly before the end of the battle, Han Solo, disguised as an AT-ST pilot, gave a false signal to the Imperials that they had won the forest battle and reinforcements were needed to continue pursuing the fleeing Rebels. Renz was taken prisoner before the Rebels destroyed the bunker.


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Imperial Stormtrooper | Endor | Imperial Officer

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Battle of Endor | Endor Campaign

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