Rescue (BoA, 22BBY) (1)
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First appearance: The Clone Wars (TV Series)
After Chancellor Palpatine learned of Skywalker's absence from the command of his battle group, the Chancellor contacted Skywalker and ordered him to cease his search for survivors, as the displacement of his fleet had left other Republic fleets out of position. However, Tano was able to sense Plo Koon through the Force and took helm control of the Twilight, piloting it toward Koon's location. Finding Koon and the clones, the Twilight deployed its tow cable and pulled the pod and its survivors into its hangar. The clones were tended by a medical droid, while Koon joined Skywalker and Tano on the bridge of the ship, briefing them on the Malevolence and its ion cannons. The Twilight's scanners picked up the approaching Malevolence. To avoid detection, Koon quickly ordered all power to be shut down. All systems of the ship were deactivated, including R2-D2; however, the Jedi forgot to power down the medical droid. The Malevolence's scanners detected the medical droid, and prepared to confront the survivors. As the warship maneuvered to attack the ship, the Jedi realized that they had overlooked deactivating the medical droid. Immediately restoring all power, Skywalker piloted the Twilight away from the Malevolence, seeking to jump to hyperspace and avoid the Confederate warship's cannons. Koon reactivated R2-D2, and the droid began to plot a hyperspace course out of the system. As the Twilight began its escape, Grievous ordered the ion cannons to be fired, and as the ion wave approached, Skywalker was able to fly the Twilight out of the debris field. Skywalker engaged the ship's hyperdrive engine, and the Jedi were able to evade destruction at the hands of the Malevolence, taking the knowledge of the warship's weapons to the Republic.


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