Roor, Boles (2)
Basic info
First appearance: The Phantom Menace
Species/Type: Sneevel
Events: Boontha Eve Classic (32BBY)
Boles Roor was a male Sneevel, a professional and successful glimmik singer, and a famous Podracer pilot, known for his strong voice and his daredevil driving. Initially combining both pursuits, this Sneevel became a star in each profession, singing in the Kallarak Amphitheater on Coruscant and winning the Boonta Eve Classic on Tatooine twice. He was considered a living legend, although not one without detractors. He eventually decided to concentrate on his musical vocation, but returned to sports at least twice on special occasions. Although by then his critics thought Roor's Podracing skills were not at their best, his performance was surprisingly good. When racing, Roor favored a Bin Gassi Racing Engines Quadrijet 4-Barrel 904E, even after the model had become obsolete.
Complete list
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