Roose, Ark (1)
Basic info
First appearance: The Phantom Menace
Species/Type: Nuknog
Events: Boontha Eve Classic (32BBY)
Ark Roose, sometimes known by the nickname "Bumpy", was a particularly dim-witted Podracing pilot who cared little for specialized tactics and maneuvers - his strategy on the track was simply to smash into whoever was nearby. A native to the Outer Rim planet of Sump, the world's sectarian government disapproved of the male Nuknog pilot, though they permitted Roose to race offworld only in a half-hearted hope that he might somehow improve the image of Nuknogs. Ark Roose actually performed fairly well in the Podracing circuits, despite his aggressive strategies that otherwise seemed counter-intuitive to the speed-centered sport. Roose notably performed well on the watery world of Aquilaris. He was also a fairly common sight on the desert world of Tatooine, where Roose became familiar with a young Human pilot named Anakin Skywalker. Ark Roose was nearly bested by Skywalker during a race once, and even though Roose came out ahead, his near loss to a Human child turned him into a laughing stock, thus creating in Ark Roose a thirst for revenge. During 32 BBY, Roose was finally granted the chance to exact revenge on Skywalker after being hired by the aide of Gardulla the Hutt, Diva Funquita. Gardulla believed Skywalker could be detrimental to her betting, and as such Roose set out to sabotage Skywalker's podracer before the start of the upcoming Boonta Eve Classic. However, unfamiliar with Skywalker's pod, Roose unintentionally sabotaged Ben Quadinaros' podracer. Due to the mistake, Skywalker bested Roose in full during the Boonta race by winning the race outright. Roose on the other hand never finished, having become a victim of the equally rowdy pilot Dud Bolt. Roose ended up recovering in a Mos Espa med center.
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