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First appearance: Jabba the Hutt : The Art of the Deal
Scuppa was male captain and pilot of Jabba the Hutt's personal starship, Star Jewel, as well as his second-in-command for many years. Scuppa was a part of the group Jabba took with as he went to attack Cog Hive Seven. On the Star Jewel, they successfully captured the prison ship Purge and used it to sneak into the prison. While both Scuppa and Jabba claimed that they were friends, Jabba doubted Scuppa's loyalty, and so after Scuppa suffered a head wound that needed surgery, Jabba had the surgeons implant a vial of xenoboric acid into Scuppa's head. Jabba would then be able to kill Scuppa at will should the man ever turn on him, using a remote control to release the acid. Around 5 BBY this little precaution helped Jabba to stay alive after dreadful encounter with Princess Nampi.


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