Search and Rescue (12)Full unit name: Search and Rescue (Tatooine)
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First appearance: The Old Republic
Previous event: Goodwill (Tatooine)
Next event: Settling Debts (Balmorra)
Relations: Tatooine
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It was one of missions that was executed by Republic Operatives during the Cold War on Tatooine. While passing by Chuaro farmstead in the Nothern wastes region of Junland, the operatives met with Danbar Hue. Grim and distressed, he told them that he was a moisture farm owner and before yesterday fifteen workers had worked on the farm and the farm was able to supply half Anchorhead with fresh water. And today all it was gone. He went on to say that the Twin Suns pirates attacked and almost destroyed his farm, taking droids, harvesters and all women as slaves. His daughter Lela, his neighbor's wives and daughters and kids had been taken and carried away by pirates. Before the attack they demanded that he gave them all his profits, but he couldn't because he kept it in Anchorhead. He explained that he always thought that if he ignored the pirates they would do the same to him - but now he knew better. He prayed the operatives for help in rescuing the slaves and they agreed. Hue showed them the direction where the pirates went and the operatives went to Twin Suns territory. Twin Suns territory was well defended, the operatives decided against frontal assault until they had found the location of the prisoners. They passed stealthily through the camp and finally located the prisoners. They attacked the slavers and the battle began. It was a tough fight, the prisoners were guarded by elite Twin Suns members, bounty hunters and the droids. In the end the operatives prevailed, freeing all captured women, including Hue's daughter, Lela. They all returned to the farm where Hue heartily thanked the operatives and said they made him want to join the Republic.
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Full unit name: Search and Rescue (Tatooine) Last updated: 21.07.2022 23:18:10