Searching for Akk Dogs Smugglers (Nar Shaddaa) (3)
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First appearance: Star Wars Republic 17 : Emissaries to Malastare, part 5
Relations: Nar Shaddaa
After Jedi saving Lannik prince on Malastare from Red Iaro, Mace Windu set off to find those who bring akk dogs to Malastare, as they came from his home world of Haruun Kal. After arriving on Nar Shaddaa, Mace Windu saved life of an woman, named Aunuanna, from a gangster called Kyood Vurd. When Vurd's force of thugs turned on Windu, Depa Billaba moved in to assist her former Master. While Windu didn't approve her actions initially - he told Jedi Council that he would handle the mission alone to avoid endangering other Council members when Sith were back - but then he grudgingly accepted her help. As soon as two Jedi quickly defeated the thugs, Quinlan Vos, who was also on Nar Shaddaa, approached to inform them that the akk dogs were being shipped to many places across the galaxy and also being used in gladiatorial games on Nar Shaddaa in a place named Circus Horrificus - best place to start the investigation. After giving his message Vos dissappeared in the darkness again.
Following this new lead, Windu and Billaba descended to the lower levels of Nar Shaddaa, to investigate the games. Unfortunately, their skiff was ambushed by a group of vrblthers, predatory creatures that dwelt in the depths, forcing the Jedi to crash into the middle of the gladiator arena. Confronting the Hutts running the illegal games, Mace came face-to-face with the disfigured Gargonn the Hutt, who'd lost half of his head on Circarpous V. Gargonn agreed to help Windu shut the games down, but the Jedi had no choice but to kill the akk beasts, whose brains had been altered, leaving them completely resistant to the Force.


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