Searching for Saberdart Origin (AOTC) (4)
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First appearance: Attack of the Clones
Relations: Coruscant
After Zam Wesell was killed by mysterious projectile right before he and Anakin Skywalker caught her up, Obi-Wan Kenobi went to search origins of the projectile as he believed it was the only clue to find out who was behind the assassination attempt on Amidala's life. First Kenobi went to Jedi Temple and there tried to find something about the dart in the Analysis Room of Jedi Temple Archives. Analysis droid PK-4 wasn't able to help - it said such a weapon does not exist in any known culture and its markings cannot be identified. Frustrated, Kenobi went to Jocasta Nu for her council. But she said that if something was not in the Archives, then it did not exist. Kenobi then suggested that the Archives were incomplete - somewhat miffed, Madame Nu sternly reiterated her belief, and strode away to assist a young Padawan who had just arrived.
Kenobi left the Temple and went to Dex's Diner, whos owner, Dex, was old friend of Kenobi and information dealer. Kenobi shown Dex the projectile and Dex identified it as a Kamino saberdart, similar of those used by the Polis Massans - once upon a time he found one in a mine on Subterrel. He also said the native of Kamino, Kaminoans, are cloners, and they are friendly only to those who is able to pay for their services. Kenobi thanked Dex and went to Jedi Temple once again only to discover that there also were no information on a planet Kamino in Jedi Archives. He again called for Jocasta Nu assistance, but she reiterated that if something is not in archives, it doesn't exist.
Further perplexed, Obi-Wan came out onto the training veranda and stopped watching as twenty or so 4-year-olds doing training exercises, supervised by Master Yoda. They weared helmets over their eyes and were trying to strike little training droids with their miniature lightsabers. Seeing Kenobi, Yoda interrupted the training and asked what troubles Kenobi. Kenobi explained that he wasn't able to find the information in archives, and one of the younglings suggested, that the information was simply deleted. Yoda then said that the padawan is right and suggested Obi-Wan to go to the center of the gravity's pull where he should find the lost planet. When Yoda and Kenobi moved away from children, Kenobi expressed disbelief that the information was simly deleted from the archives. Disturbed Yoda said that only Jedi could have done it, and then Kenobi went on the search for Kamino.


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