Show of Force (8)Full unit name: Show of Force (Tatooine)
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First appearance: The Old Republic
Happened during: Forge the Future
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It was one of missions that was executed by Republic Operatives during the Cold War on Tatooine. After helping Dester to return the stolen water, the operatives met with Professor Larcoh, a Selkath scientist who worked at Largona outpost. Professor told the operatives that he traveled to Tatooine in order to study the society and customs of the Tusken Raiders. He was able to study a tribe of Raiders that currently resided on the nearby Northern Jundland Plateau, and he braved the desert dangers in order to personally see the society and customs of the Tusken Raiders. Upon one of his studies he witnessed how the tribes earned respect from each other. One Tusken Raider entered a rival village and placed an object into a totem base. Challengers would then appear and try to defeat this rival, and if the rival won the losers would respect the strength of the winning tribe and avoid them. Upon this realization, Larcoh deemed it necessary to inform the people of Outpost Largona of how they could stop the attacks from these "Sand People" as the Tusken Raiders were also known. No one, however, listened, and the Professor became more and more frustrated. The operatives were eager to help with a diplomatic solution, but Larcoh informed that the raiders favored strength instead of diplomacy. The Professor gave them the same object that the Tusken Raiders used to proclaim the challenge and instructed them of how to perform the ritual challenge. He told the operatives to go to the camp on the Northern Jundland Plateau and perform it there.
The operatives arrived at the Sand People's village in Eastern Wound area of the Northern Junland Plateau. The village was home to many different Sand People - dunereaders, cleavers, and suntrackers. A few banthas grazed nearby, vanguard rills patrolled between the tents. The operatives set up a challenging totem and, just as Larcoh had predicted, the Sand People attacked them - some, but not all, only challengers and battlers. The operatives defeated the attackers, and the remaining Sand People didn't join the attack. They allowed the operatives to leave the village without hindrance.
When the operatives returned, Larcoh exclaimed how happy he was that he had been right. Larcoh said that sometime after the operatives left, he heard reports of how Tusken Raiders had started to carefully avoid the outpost instead of attacking it.The Tusken Raiders were now respecting the outpost's strength, just as he had thought. Although the settlers would not appreciate it, Larcoh predicted that his research would soon make significant headway. He thanked the operatives and stated he would include their names in his research documentation.
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Full unit name: Show of Force (Tatooine) Last updated: 07.08.2022 22:58:31