Star Galleon (1)
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First appearance: Thrawn Trilogy, Book 3 - The Last Command
Relations: Kuat Drive Yards
The Star Galleon-class frigate was an 300-meters long armed cargo freighter and escort frigate used by the Imperial Navy. It was manufactured by Kuat Drive Yards. The Star Galleon-class frigate was another Imperial success for Kuat. Even if an attacker was able to withstand a Star Galleon-class ship's concussion missile launcher and ten turbolasers, or break through its shields, it was difficult to steal its cargo. The interior contained sophisticated anti-intruder defenses, and was defended by a ship's complement of up to three hundred troopers. As a last resort, the cargo hold could actually be detached, and sent into hyperspace as a separate vessel, similar to an escape pod. A built-in homing device allowed Imperial agents to track the cargo hold as it automatically jumped at random through hyperspace.


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Imperial Supply Fleet (V.SUP1)
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