Sun Fac (2)
Sun Fac was a Geonosian of the upper caste living in the Stalgasin hive on Geonosis. Sun Fac served as Archduke Poggle the Lesser's chief lieutenant. His position was evident in his insect-like wings, as well as the tusks at the edge of his mouth. Like most other Geonosian aristocrats, he was ruthless in his management of the wingless lower-caste workers, forcing them to work in harsh conditions regardless of any dangers. As with most Geonosians, Sun Fac was strong, despite his slender build. His tough exoskeleton protected him from physical assaults and the bouts of radiation that occasionally showered Geonosis. Sun Fac's right eye either had been sealed shut or was entirely missing. The large scar across his face suggests his missing eye was due to a battle wound. Over time, Sun Fac, who ensured that his master's will was executed throughout Geonosis, proved to the Archduke that he was both unusually intelligent and very creative for a Geonosian.
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